Participate and share your talents with the services provided by VIDAWASI. Email us: voluntariado@vidawasiperu.org. I WANT TO VOLUNTEER

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I am very happy to be able to help VIDAWASI every month because everything that is done here is
synonymous of solidarity. That is to say, we help to help and we join for the health of the children
of Peru. Join us too.

Author: Laura Cáceda

Why is it important to volunteer?

  • You will be able to help change a reality that affects the lives of thousands of children and that
    generates pain to their families.
  • You will be part of a community that feels the joy of serving others by generating a change in
  • You will share important experiences with a team of professionals with high-impact humanistic
    training, dedicated to the love of others.
  • You will test your abilities to do something great and extraordinary.


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