What does a Children's Health Citadel mean or what is it about?

It is a micro city of love and hope, of great scenic beauty, which has generated spaces of high architecture and happiness to integrate all its visitors or social actors, such as: children and their families; doctors and various professionals - national and foreign; volunteers; philanthropic tourism, authorities and all those who wish to share the experience of touring and joining forces in the history of VIDAWASI. In our 13 hectares we have planned several areas for specialized pediatric health care, primary care, early diagnosis and various high standard services; as well as areas for integration and support to families, visitors, volunteers and allies who visit us and join us every day to help give life to the first children's health citadel in Latin America. It is a unique cause that provides for all the needs demanded by pediatric health care and the fight against childhood cancer for those who today have no opportunity, that is, we provide comprehensive support and not only high-quality medical services.

Why build a hospital Citadel and not just a hospital?

In Peru, specialized services are very scarce outside Lima, families who come to the capital in search of help saturate the services and face economic, social and cultural adversity that mostly forces them to abandon the treatment of their children. That is why in our Children’s Health Citadel we not only provide specialized medical care, we care for families in extreme poverty so they can also have well-prepared spaces to be happy receiving the attention and love of their country and the world.


Learn about our services

We currently provide the following pediatric care at our Medical Center:

  • Specialized Pediatrics
  • Clinic Laboratory
  • General Medicine
  • Dentistry
  • Pediatric Dentistry
  • Physical Rehabilitation
  • Telemedicine
  • Psicología

What will we achieve?

We are currently building our high complexity pediatric surgery center, which will have an Integral Diagnostic Center including the following services:
∙ Laboratory and blood bank
∙ Pathological anatomy
∙ Molecular genetics
∙ Imaging Center
Once the goal of our surgical center is completed, our Children’s Health Citadel will be ready to increase services to receive no less than 500 children per day, referred from various regions of the country. We need the union and strength of all those who recognize the call, to reach the goal of the specialized surgical center and accomplish that all our services work in optimal conditions. Join VIDAWASI and let’s save together thousands of lives for the world!

How can I help?


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